Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Attempting to craft during school holidays!!!

What's everyone up to today?  

I think I may need to give up my feeble attempt at crafting downstairs with the children around!! I am sat here on the sofa with a cocoon of crafty stash spread around me! It's spreading wider and wider!  I started off with a bit of basic stamping but some how it's evolved into making a concertina card for a man! Crafting on a lap tray in the school holidays in really not helping my mojo!

Had to have an early lunch as I need to take Amelia to the Community Dentist to give her a trial run with gas and air. IF all goes well she will need to have a partially submerged pre-molar extracted in a fortnights time. IF it doesn't go to plan then it's back onto a long waiting list to have it removed under general anesthetic! EEK  

Please keep your fingers crossed for us and hope that Amelia can breathe through her little nose sufficiently enough for the gas & air to be effective!

Take care.


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