Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Attempt at Salt Dough Christmas Decorations!

Yep, as if I haven't got enough to do...I had this mad idea to attempt to make some Xmas decs using salt dough. I did try some a few years back, but as usual, I left everything to the last minute, tried a microwave recipe to save time....and mucked the lot up completely!

Fingers crossed, I will be a little bit more successful this time. We all helped make the dough and cut them out last night and they don't look too bad. A few wonky, lumpy, bumpy ones, but hopefully that will add to their "homemade charm!" LOL

After being awoken by Amelia at 2am this morning, then spending the rest of the night coughing, I was in no real fit state to work today so I thought I'd paint a few little decs as I sip my Lemsip.

I have so many ideas at the moment, perhaps I need to start thinking of NEXT Christmas already, instead of leaving everything to the limit! He ho ho ho!

Anyways, here's a taster of what I am doing in their naked state!

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