Friday, 30 November 2012

Tag, you're it!

Hi everyone, long time no bloggy! It's been a funny old time in the Dingle household, Amelia has been in hospital for an operation and it has taken almost two weeks to get her back to school, me back to work and ANY sort of routine back into place.

Still, I have ventured into my little craft room and thought I'd ease myself back into crafting with something really simple and easy to pick up and put down. I had the tags and hearts already cut so all I had to do was play with a few inks, attack the hearts with an embossing folder and finish with some metallic rub-ons.

Not sure what I am going to do with these YET but I may try some different colourways today and even make a matching card!



Pink Feather Paradise said...

I love the musical notes... glad your little angel is on the mend and your routine is gradually returning... hugs and loves

Kath said...

Lovely, Adele. Glad you have got back into the craft mode. :)