Sunday, 4 November 2012

Hectic Half Term Holidays!

Half term has been a bit of a mixture of emotions. We had a lovely meal out for Amelia's 11th Birthday, ate far too much I am afraid but what else are birthdays for?

Yesterday the postman delivered a proposed, amended statement for us to look over ready for transition to Secondary School in September next year. I am afraid the thought of the whole statementing procedure has opened up some very bitter wounds. It's not like we have had any choice in what school she can attend, well not unless we fight to get her out of Medway and into Kent somewhere. 

We also received the letter from the hospital giving us the date for Amelia's operation, not exactly a good news day but hey ho. 

We finished off our Saturday with a visit to the local fireworks display. It is something we haven't done for years and years because Amelia just couldn't tolerate it all. It was still quite a draining process rather than a fun evening out with the family but we did it, despite the fact that I had to stand holding Amelia's ears with her wrapped up in scarves hats and hoods to muffle the noise! 

We got home and finished the evening off with a nice hot curry and a glass or two of wine. 


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