Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Playing catch up blogging - Wedding pics!

I haven't got any crafting to show you today SO, I thought I'd play a bit of catch up and share some of the pics from the family wedding we went to a few weeks back!

Amelia trying to be all sweet and girly!!!!

Chris closely watching while Amelia does Bugsy eyes at Jack!

Jack helping out- love Amelia's hair in this one!

Jack looks far too grwon up in this one for my liking!

My darling.

"Cool dude!"

Catching Amelia on the dance floor!

Amelia in action!

Still Daddy's little girl!

EEK! I HATE my pic being taken!

Up to mischief!

It was a fab, fab day. Thank you to Steve ansd Sandra for letting us share your special day!
x X x

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Kath said...

Wonderful pictures, Adele. You look very elegant! Love the hat.