Saturday, 22 October 2011

A bit of baking!!!!!

Please forgive me but baking really isn't something I have done much of, in fact I am a complete novice. Anyway, despite my complete incompetence in the kitchen I have plans to change this and spend some time baking with (hopefully) both Jack and Amelia.

Today we started with some scones which, despite their appearance, tasted lovely. Much lighter than I was hoping for and while still slightly warm we smothered them with double cream and cherry jam.....delish.

Next I made another batch of plain biscuits, with the children being at home this week, I don't suppose the will last very long.

Now, having had to use egg yolks for the biscuits I thought we'd try making meringues rather than wasting the egg whites. Never made these before and as a first attempt, was very pleased. In fact we have just eaten them with a fresh fruit salad, a squirt of cream and a drizzle of toffee sauce.

Oh dear, I had better get on that cross trainer tomorrow! LOL

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Kath said...

It all looks delicious, Adele. I don't know what you thing is wrong with the scones but they look good to me!