Friday, 19 August 2011

More Waffle and walks in Wales!

Monday 1st August

The weather looked rather ominous so we decided to take another walk directly from the cottage. The start of the walk was on road and was hard going with Amelia moaning that her foot hurt, her legs, her tummy, her arm......I considered that we might be expecting too much of her but we weren't exactly climbing Snowdon! LOL

We got to a small clearing, had a quick "refuelling session" with a few snacks and some drink and then the "real walk" could begin! The woodland path was lovely and shaded and we stopped almost immediately to watch a little rabbit hopping around in the undergrowth. Not long after that, Amelia's moaning started again as the path suddenly took a steep incline! With constant encouragement Chris and me took turns with her, supporting her up the hill. After a few twists and turns, the path markers sent us on a small detour and the terrian became rather rocky. ( It was at this point Amelia told us she didin't like rocks! Hmm, perhaps Wales wasn't a good choice after all!)

My mountain goatof a son, Jack swiftly scrambled up a very steep bank of rock, somehow I followed with Amelia clinging to my arm, leg, neck...basically anything she could...and Chris stood behind in case we needed help in the form of a shove!

Once at the top of the ridge, it took our breath away. We stopped for a while and admired the view of the Conwy Vally, nearly 500 feet below from where sat, "Cadair Ifan Goch" or Red John's Chair! It takes its name from a legendary red haired giant who is said to have sat there to bathe his feet in the river, Afon Conwy!

Stunning, but sorry the pic just does it no justice at all!

More catch up waffle and some crafting to come.


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