Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Snowy days!

Well, it has been threatening for a few days but yesterday it actually happened, we woke up to a snowy white landscape. We live in one of the highest parts of Kent, so when it hits us, it seems to hit us harder than other parts of Kent. We have the estuary one side of us and the North Downs the other side so I suppose we could be rather more exposed than some of the southern counties.

Anyway, after a lot of rushing around yesterday morning, I decided not to send Amelia into school. Her school is over 5miles away and up a nasty hill, so certainly not walkable with her if the worst came to the worst. Then I had the decision as to whether or not to send Jack out in an attempt to catch his bus - his new school is 3 miles away in the complete opposite direction and once again, the journey is rather hilly. Luckily, just as he was about to leave, his school announced closure so I was happy to keep them both warm and safe at home with me.

Chris on the otherhand, either goes to work, or loses a day's pay. So he went for it! He works 25 miles away and most of that is motorway. He set out and took 2 hours to get to work.
Throughout the day, it snow, and snow, and snowed some more.

The contorted hazel looked pretty.

AS the day went on, it just didn't stop and Chris left work at 2.30pm, cleared the snow off his car and set of on his 25 mile journey home at 2.45. After an absolutely awful journey home he managed to walk through the front door just before 11pm! Poor, poor Chris!

It goes without saying that no-one went anywhere today, it has been snowing again today nearly non-stop and the forcast is for plenty more to come with strong winds to make matters worse.
But despite the below freezing temperatures boys just have to be boys and just couldn't simply clear the path and driveway a bit, could they???????

Stay safe, stay warm, stay happy!

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Nicky said...

Glad you are all staying warm and dry - I live in the Kent down near the Romney Marsh and we have had it bad too - No work or school today - my DH works nights 7 miles away normally takes 10mins to get there took nearly 50mins!
Stay warm and enjoy having the family around xx