Saturday, 4 December 2010

More snow!

Time for Chris and me is non-existent but a while ago Chris booked a day off and we planned to do some leisurely, child-free Christmas shopping. A Dickensian Christmas Market and a nice little pub lunch was on the cards....unfortunately that day was supposed to have been yesterday! LOL, things just NEVER go to plan! Children off school, roads closed and cars buried in snow- it was never going to happen was it!

Hey ho, the Christmas tree is up, that's a first. Usually it's a rushed event the weekend before Christmas, but already we have noticed a flaw in our organisation. A "little" matter called Amelia is now driving us mad by asking "when is it Christmas?"....every 5 minutes!!!!

I now really need to find my crafty mojo and make a few Christmas cards!!!!!!
For now here are a few more of our snowy pics! Now I may not have got my romantic pub lunch but my darling hubby did make me a loveheart on the top of my car! Not a good pic as I was hanging out of the window, but the gesture was there!

Chris looking very smug after throwing a snowball at Jack's window!!

The cat looking really impressed "NOT!"

An avalanche just waiting to happen...or broken guttering!!!

Mad man with broom stick!

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