Sunday, 4 July 2010

Hello strangers!

Just thought I'd pop in and say hello to any passers by. It has been a hectic week with work, an Audiology appointment for Amelia, loads of school events going on with the children and a HUGE amount of record keeping to get up to date for tomorrow. I just haven't really stopped!

The coming week won't be much better I fear, we have Parent's Evening for Amelia, I have to get Jack to his new school on Thursday and pick him up, therefore I need to make additional arrangements for someone to be here when Amelia gets home from school. Then Thursday evening we are at Jacks new school.
I am back to putting drops in Amelia's ears on a daily basis in preparation for an ENT appointment next month-unfortunately, this week's appointment resulted in another audiologist, another opinion so we are not quite sure where we stand re; a hearing aid for her. Hey, ho...with all her sensory issues, putting in ear drops can be quite a traumatic event, LOL, for her and ME!
Anyway, thought I'd show you a few pics of the chaos in the Dingle house yesterday. It started at 5.30 when Amelia decided it was time to wake up and wreck the bathroom, then it was time to get everyone ready in time for an electrician to sort out a few of our lights. Jack got a new chrome spotlight for his room, we got a new light for the living room, and I have got no working light at all in my craft room- Chris has PROMISED he will renew that today for me. It's in writing now Chris-no going back!!!
It was such a glorious day I decided to take my record keeping out in the garden. I kept Amelia occupied for a while but had to keep on getting up and down to refresh her water!!!!!

and what started by me having a quick break from the paperwork to do "a bit of weeding" resulted in this!!!!!!!

Hhmmm, well the makeshift slate patio that we put down a few years ago after the extension has, hopefully, had it's day. Fed up of the cats using it as a litter tray and we want to be one step closer to a nice, clean, york stone patio. We had always planned to re-use the slate in the now we need to one by one move and prepare the borders! EEEK! We decided to practically uproot everything and start another rocky area from scratch. It's going to take forever we have to go backwards before we move forwards!

At gone 10pm last night, I decided enough was enough and put away my record keeping for the day. We opened a nice bottle of wine and sat out in the garden for an hour or so.

He Man, make fire; me woman, drink wine!

Right waffle over, Chris has gone swimming with Jack and I need to prepare for another day of chaos and record keeping....bring it on!!!!!


Sarah C said...

Sounds like you've certainly got your hands full. Hope Jack likes his new school.
Love Amelia's painting. She has your talent for art and craft. Bless her with the drops. Can't be easy for either of you.
Good luck with the garden. Any time you need a drinking buddy, I'm on my way especially if man's lighting the fire again :) xx

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