Sunday, 22 November 2009

A little bit of gingerbread for Dottie!

It's been an awful week. Amelia has had a stomach bug, mum was rushed into hospital with her new kidney possibly rejecting and then I came down with the dreaded lurgy too. I was laid out on the sofa for a few days just not able to anything. Hopefully we are all coming out the other side now, just praying that Chris and Jack don't come down with it too!
Anyway, enough of the grumbling, here's my tiny little snippet of crafting for the week! Terrible I know, one little card. I really MUST get my act together.

This week over at Dottie's World it was Gunn's turn to set the challenge, and here is what she said;
"When I say gingerbreadhouse I mean: lets be inspired by them. They have this beautiful warm brown color, and the embellishment are so full of colores. And of colours I get reminded of the fact that Christmas is coming up.So think about the colors and the embellishments or even the shape of gingerbreadhouses and use some of it on a card or a box. And of course there has to be a Charmed downloads on the project.So take time to enjoy this challenge and have fun.So just be inspired by the girls projects, and if that isn`t enough you can google "gingerbreadhouse", and I can promise there is lots of pictures to be inspired from."
Now I went for Christmas Gingerbread, I tried to use lovely warm tones of brown and spice them up with Christmas read...hope it works!

....AND IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY SEEN!!!!!! You must pop over to and see the new download collection Boy Oh will not be disappointed.


Gunn (Merete) said...

Åhh, Adele this works just perfect. I tink you have found the perfect colors for this gingerbread card. I love this warm red. And this image is fun and sweet.
This card really make me think of gingerbread..
Thanks for this lovely card for inspiration.

Hope you fell better all of you, and that things turn out for best. So sorry to hear that you had this awfull week.
Hugs Gunn :-)

annmarie said...

This week has just gotta be better! Hoope it is.

Karen said...

Gorgeous card as always Adele, your colouring always bring the image to life!

So sorry to hear all is not well in the Dingle household, I hope and pray everything will be better soon for you all ♥

Adele did you get my two email with the new collection???

Karen xx

Jackie Thomas said...

Gosh you are so incredibly talented. Love it. xo Jackie