Friday, 18 April 2008

Funny mood Friday!

Been another funny day really, started off by having to take Amelia to the opticians...again!! There was me thinking I wouldn't have so many appointments now the Orthoptist doesn't see her at the instead she needs to go to the Opticians every 3 months!!! Still- good news is that Amelia is getting on very well with her bifocals and her prescription didn't need got a whole 3 months before we need to go again!!

I haven't really got into any papercrafting so far today although my chalenge diary is bulging at the seams, I still have 5 commissioned cards to make and my desk is....errr...well it's under there somewhere. I have a giraffe in the dining room ready to start the paper mache...and instead what am I doing???????????

I am going to KNIT!!! No not the cutesy little girlie bear I have half finished...oh no, that would be far too sensible. Instead I am going to try my hand with double pointed needles. After the many moons of knitting, it's something I have never attempted, being a left hander, my knitting technique is rather unique shall we say. this attempt could be an absolute failure but never trying, I will never know. I am hoping for this project to also be my first attempt at felting too.....I never really do things in half do I!

My flame coloured pure new wool stash......kettle on, biscuits at hand, children settled, DVD...check! Here I go!!!!!!!!!