Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Back to my list making I think!!!

I really need a kick up the backside........children are back to school and I desperately need to play catch up and feel as if I have some progression in my life. I have just got back from Amelia's first Annual Statement Review and my head is just all over the place as to where Amelia needs to be. Her Speech & Language report shows she is really only working at the lavel of a 3/4 yr old according to the assesssment but the school assessments show that WITH support both her reading and writing are at level 1C. I am happy for her to be at mainstream now but already I feel I need that crystal ball and look into the future of Junior Schools!!!
Just take one day at a time Adele!!!!!!

My life will always be hectic but I strive to have at least a little "controllable" organisation in my world. Personally I NEED it to not feel like a complete failure! SO the lists are back!!!!!!

This week I will aim to:

Make 4 commissioned cards
Sew up my knitted girlie teddy
Complete 3 NVQ assignments
Spend 1 hour tidying my desk
Do 3 runs (even if it's only 15 minutes each) Race for Life is approaching far too quickly!
Dare I even try BUT...make 1 Christmas card!!!
Start on a project for Chris's 40th!!!!!!

Think that will keep me going for a while don't you!! Better stop now!

I will not fail, I will not fail, I will not fail.....!!!!!!!! Oh, oh, with all this positive thinking. I will add "10 minutes of my Yoga DVD that I have had since Xmas and have nbot even opened the case!"


Ultramum said...

Annual reviews are a bummer - aren't they?

Will they/won't they alter the support? Will son/daughter get the support they really need?

Take some time for yourself

LucindaBee said...

Keep your head up Adele - all the best.

Classroomfree said...

you will not fail, you will not fail, you will not fail.

I have every faith in you sweetheart.

Huge hugs
Jules x

JuanitaTortilla said...

You can do it.

Louly said...

You can do it girl. Keep your spirits up chuck, you're doing fine.

Max said...

You will succeed because you have the drive and deermination.

Think I will have to join you in the lists ... maybe it will help me become more organised or at least feel like I have achieved something every day.