Saturday, 9 February 2008

The mystery of the missing tooth!

Amelia has had a very wobbly front tooth for ages now and has been asking about the tooth fairy every day. Well tonight, she came running up to me in my craft room with a slightly bloodied mouth and this tiny little tooth in her hand. She was SO excited that it had at long last come out and was jumping around. I hugged her and sent her back off downstairs to show Chris....but somehow between me and Chris the little tooth went missing!!
After looking everywhere for it, we gave up. I sat down and told Amelia the story of Lola (thank you Helen Mc) and said that Amelia had to dream about everything that made her happy, so that the tooth fairy would see the gap from the missing tooth. Then we filled her little tooth box with some goodies that we thought the tooth fairy would like: a pretty pink and very fluffy feather, a few tiny little die cut hearts and of course some irridescent glitter. I made out a tiny little note explaining to the tooth fairy what had happened and Amelia is now sound asleep - hopefully with a big smile on her face.

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Anonymous said...

Oh bless, very cute. Great idea about the happy dreams thing :-D