Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Fingerprint Wedding Guest Tree!!

Yesterday I started my first attempt at drawing a tree to turn into a fingerprint, wedding Keepsake. As much as I love crafts, I am so not an artist and I have never really used pens to shade before, so different from the smudging and blending of a pencil.

Anyway, despite what it looks like I have REALLY enjoyed working on my feeble little attempt, and would certainly love to learn more techniques.

Sorry for poor lighting, it's school holidays here and what with the torrential rain and flooded patio, it looks like a Winter's day.

This morning I copied a small section of it on my printer and very quickly mucked around to see what a few fingerprints would look like on the tree. Still not at all confident about it but quite happy for a fist attempt.

Any constructive help much appreciated.


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