Friday, 4 September 2015

Pre-School Book Corner Re-vamp

Well another school year started. Jack is now in Year 12 and starting A Levels and Amelia is starting Year 9. It has been a long and difficult Summer Break this year, what with Chris starting a new job, not being able to get away as a family, lack of respite available for Amelia and my health.......the list could go on. I feel disappointed that the Summer has passed us by and that I have not done the things I had planned.

Hey ho, it's no good pondering over that now, it's too late to worry about what could have been. I know I need more in my life, I need a focus, a direction, a few goals.....but exactly what that means.....I do not yet know. I am going around in circles with my health but I have now been referred to the Rheumatology Department at the hospital. 

Shattered and full of aches and pains I should have spent my first few "child-free" days pampering myself but instead I offered my creative services (if you can call them that!) to the little Pre-school I used to work with. It has been something I have said about doing for many years whilst working there, and that is re-vamping the book corner.

Never done anything like this before and I was very limited with paint colours. On day 1 I only had one tin of blue and 1 tin of very pale I improvised and added a dash or two of the kiddies ready made, squirty paint to help add a bit of detail. Not great but as a first attempt I was quite pleased with how it turned out.

On one wall I did a daytime scene which spread around the corner and into night time.
I would have liked to have gone a lot darker with the night sky but was concerned about the paint mixes. By the time I got to mixing colours for the darker grass, I just decided to go for it and see!

Today I did a few details, the sun (which still needs another coat and perhaps a few sun rays) a few fluffy clouds, some faceless sheep (because paint was still wet to add details) and the most enjoyable part.......some glittery stars and a rather obscure looking moon. Oh yes and a few scattered flowers  dotted around too. 

I also painted the corner of the ceiling a cloud shaped blue with a few clouds and stars.

I'd like to think of it as a work in progress and would love to go back and add to it. Any ideas would be much appreciated. 

I am now crashed out on the sofa with a cup of coffee, a heat pad and a tube of gel for my back pain but with a little smile on my face. I do hope the children will like it when they arrive on Monday morning.


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