Thursday, 27 August 2015

Day 11 Zentangle. Auras and Rounding!

Oh my, feeling more and more out of my depth here but I will continue plodding along in the hope that practice will make perfect better!

In my utter stupidity, rather than sticking to something I would have been more "comfortable" with to help my confidence I have thrown myself, head first into some mad mixture of Tangle patterns on an A5 sheet! Considering all but one of my practice attempts have only been approximately 2 inch squares, I was immediately out of the tiny comfort zone I have.

Not sure where this is going (apart from in the bin!) but I will attempt to do some more today in the hope that a bit of shading with help "bring it all together!"

One thing I have discovered  is that I love using FLUX!

....and I have a regret making my attempt at MOOKA so big! LOL

I feel mine is going to be less of a learning curve and more of a learning spiral or roller coaster.


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omgsharon said...

Yesterday was my very first try at tangling. I have stray pen marks all over my tiny little sheet. I think your work on Day 11 looks great! The beauty of this art form is that even if you might think it is a mistake, it adds to the complexity and nonconformity of the so-called "pattern." Don't give up! Even mine... with it's wonky circles, squished half moons & leaves whose spines stick out way to far... is still rather neat looking. Keep going!