Thursday, 8 January 2015

Lady of leisure, the countdown begins!

Long time no "see!"

Life has been as hectic as ever, hubby's work commitment has increased as has Jack's teenage lazyitus and Amelia's hyperactive flitting between being a "Terrible 2" and a "Moody Teenager!"
Working at the Pre-school for over  6  years has really not helped my back  and I have been in constant pain for over a year now.

After careful consideration since last June, just before Christmas we took the scary decision for me to hand my notice in. I now have only 3 more weeks at work, that's only 6 working days left before I become a lady of leisure.

There has not been ANY crafting going on in the Dingle household, in fact I can hardly get in my craft room door without tripping over various boxes and bags BUT there has been a lot of activity on my Pinterest page and I am brimming with ideas and projects to try out.

Let the countdown begin.


Kath said...

I am sure everything will improve when you finally finish the job. You can do your sorting a bit at a time and hopefully your back will improve if you can take it steadily.

Unknown said...

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