Saturday, 7 June 2014

Changes ahead and New crafty stash alert!

It's been a really funny week. Amelia is still not right, her cough has caused many sleepless nights and now it seems I have got a cold too. Chris has unofficially started his new role at work and the 4am wake up call on Wednesday had a knock on effect on my body clock for the rest of the week! 

With all the changes ahead of us and taking my back and health issues into consideration, I have had a little chat with my Manager at the Pre-school and asked if there was a possibility of cutting my hours in September. If not, I will be packing up work completely!!!! EEK!!! Either way I NEED more time, energy and motivation to dedicate to my family, our house and our home lives. 

It feels selfish, it feels wrong but I need something to give and I don't want "that something" to be the type of mum or wife I am to my loving family. 

My life is upside down at the moment, so in times of uncertainty BUY STASH!

Here is the first batch of my new goodies! (Does a happy dance)

I hope that whatever my "new life" entails, I will definitely be able to have more time to get creative, get organised and plan ahead rather than the attitude I have had to resort to over the last few years.

Only time will tell!



Kath said...

I am sure you have made the right decision Adele. Spending more time with your family will ease a lot of your stress. It will immediately reduce the guilt level working Mums all have and that must be good.

Crafty buys look good.

annmarie said...

The idea that a married woman should be expected to work is still alien to me. When I was at school, we expected that a teacher who got married would then leave.

Feminism made the mistake of assuming that the only way for women to be equal to men was to have them do exactly what men did (go out to work) and be treated the same as men.

It is supposed to add to me as a woman to have me act just the same as a man? If you want real equality, give equal weight to what a woman does in looking after her family rather than putting her in a situation where she has to work outside the home. (In doing that you merely exchange being forced to give up work on marriage to being forced to continue it; rather than being freed you exchange one constraint for another.)

Having both parents earning meant there was more money available and that meant house prices rose because the market could stand it. Hence women made a rod for their own backs by insisting their earnings be taken into account.

Not the usual ideas I know, but maybe an alternative angle which might help dispel the guilt feelings.

Now relax and do something with that new stash!