Saturday, 15 February 2014

Furniture revamp and a chalk paint obsession!

Oh dear, we had this mad, mad idea that this year it might be the time to claim the summerhouse back from it's play house/junk storage state. Chris pictured it all set up like a bar, but I had imagined more of a shabby chic tea-room stylee!

I persuaded him that it was impractical to store alcohol and glassware at the end of the garden and it would be far better to make up our drinks and relax in the summer house in comfier chairs, rather than perched on a bar stool!

Since then I have had a bit of an obsession and now, my recently cleared garage is now full of old bits and bobs of run down furniture in much need of a new lease of life.

After an absolutely awful night of torrential rain, howling winds, lost roof tiles and my daughter being poorly....I am now making the most of a short burst of sunshine and have moved a few items from the garage into the light of day of the conservatory.

Oh dear, I may have bitten off move than I can chew. This chair is part of a 3 piece suite. I am now worrying if in fact I CAN make this look good enough to actually want it,  even if it is only to go into what is basically only a large shed at the moment!

I can make basics like curtains, but never tried any upholstery before! EEK!

I couldn't resist a bargain, not sure where it's going to go yet though.

Right, I am at home with a poorly child, and eagerly waiting the arrival home of Chris, with another can of Chalk Paint so I can get started.

I will keep posted on my progress...or the lack of it!


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Kath said...

I am sure you will enjoy doing this, Adele. It's a complete change for you and should be fun.