Friday, 29 June 2012

Blooming Garden!

Last Summer our garden looked like this! Total chaos! I know it's not a big garden but we have been in this house for 14 years now and we have always given priority to the house. The time, effort and money spent on the garden was a luxury, snatching a bit of time to do a few things on a make-shaft basis!

After the outlay of replacing the fencing last year, we had left ourselves we borders that were practically bare and lost several really large shrubs that we'd had for years! BUT, bit by bit we have been pottering around the garden and it is still far from being perfect or finished. We are dallying over the idea of a very small veg patch...but dallying is as far as we have got so far!

We are one step closer to being able to just potter around the garden rather than having to carry out major, hard labour.....we may even get the opportunity to light the chimnea and sip the occasion bottle of wine or a large jug of Pimms....who know what, perhaps with the unpredictable weather it may be a mug of hot chocoalate!

(Waiting impatiently for my hydrangea to flower, this poor specimen has been stuck,unloved in a pot for years and now being planted out it is full of bloom and tones of a lovely dark pink are starting to sad am I! LOL)

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Kath said...

Your garden looks lovely, Adele. What a transformation. You should be really proud of it.