Wednesday, 29 February 2012

"Woolly Hugs!"

I have taken part in my first ever "woolly hug" blanket. A lovely Mumsnet donor posted me some wool, Rowan Cashsoft DK and the rest was up to long as my square measured 6x6inches. I still have enough to make another square...possibly even two. Once finished I will post my squares to another member who will put all the squares together, eventually making up blankets for families in need of some comfort who have recently suffered a tragic loss!

I am quite a confident knitter but still I stuggled trying to find patterns for squares of this size. I love cabled knitting and when I happened to cross an aran jumper pattern using the "hugs and kisses" cable, I thought the idea would be perfect to use in my little square. A way of sending hugs and kisses through entwind cables.

Sorry, colours are awful, will try to update when I have better lighting. If any would like me to write up the pattern I am happy to do so.

I feel quite honoured to feel my little square/s will join so many others from all over the place to provide a comforting, keepsake. Probably even more so as a dear friend lost her husband tragically and unexpectedly, on Valentine's Day. Leaving her with 3 boys to bring up alone, the middle boys being just a little older than Amelia, also has Down Syndrome. It's left me feeling that life is so very precious and that I just had to contribute to something "useful" for families in such awful situations. My heart goes out to you.

Sorry, more waffle!

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