Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Just had to share......


Ho, ho ho!!!! It's has been a very long hard day, I feel tired and grumpy and getting stressed that I am running out of time (especially child-free time!) BUT when Amelia came home and gave this to me it put the biggest smile on my face ever. Isn't it often the smallest things in life that make the biggest impact!

Sorry for the waffle and the awful lighting but I just wanted to share some Christmas spirit.

Love 'n' hugs.

x X x


Net said...

Aw that's lovely Adele.

I bet that makes an appearance for many years♥

Kath said...

Aw, bless her. What a great card.I agree with Net. You will keep that one for years.

Sarah said...

How brilliant and she looks so cute too