Thursday, 7 January 2010

School's out for...ermm snow!

Well the snow is here again, not that it ever really went completely since before Christmas but once again schools are closed and hubby worked from home for a while giving us a little opportunity to play in the snow.

Jack and his attempt at being an angel!!!

Amelia.....being a little devil!
... and a rare daytime visitor in the garden!


Hazel said...

Lovely snowy fun x

Pink Feather Paradise said...

Aw bless I bet that fox is a bit hungry... what with all this cold weather... I watched the birds eating snow today I suppose its the only way they can get a drink...

The children look like they are having a fab time...

keep warm and take care

Penni said...

Wow looks as if you had great fun!!!

Lovely piccy of Mr Fox - He looks quite well kept, and has a lovely bushy tail too - beautiful!!!

Keep warm!!


Nicky said...

Love you photo - have fun and keep warm x Happy New Year to you

Jo said...

What lovely photos and so much snow!! Hope your Mum is ok, Hugs Jo x