Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Never a dull moment!!!!!

So who said life would settle down!!!LOL

Jack went off to the Isle of Wight on Friday as planned, we took Amelia to Speech & Language on Saturday morning then dropped her off at my MIL/FIL and arranged that we would pick her up on Sunday afternoon.

Chris and me then drove back and decided to have a little wander around the shops at Dockside, then onto a late pub lunch. I actually wanted to buy some new shoes but ended up buying a few clothes and bits and bobs for the kitchen- new oven gloves, cheese grater, garlic press and a teapot. We only ever use a teapot on holiday but have often said about getting one for home so Chris and me can have a civilised pot of tea out in the conservatory over the weekend!LOL

Anyway, the chances of us having a childfree weekend and not having a drink or two on Saturday night are very slim but for some reason it just didn't happen. I couldn't really get myself settled and had a half complete card made for the Dottie DT blog I HAD to make and blog Sunday morning. I am always a ditherer but things have been so unsettle since we got back from holiday the children back at school. My motivation has vanished along with my crafty mojo.

Anyway, there we were nearly 1am Sunday morning and Chris and me had warm milk and biccies and we playing a few games on facebook. Then the phone rang....it was almost as if we had stayed up waiting for the call!

It was my dad, mum was having to rush up to Guy's in London as a kidney had become available for a transplant! The emotions we all went through are beyond explanation and after a mad rush to London we waited hours and hours until finally after many tests mum went down to surgery at 4pm Sunday afternoon. The operation didn't go too smoothly and it wasn't until the very early hours of Monday morning that she was back up on the ward. Fingers crossed it all went OK and the kidney is functioning.

Was it luck or fate that it was this weekend I had no children to care for and was able to go up to LOndon with her? Was it luck or fate that we had not had any alcolhol Saturday night? And did someone, somewhere know that I would be able to share a pot of tea with my mum and not worry about her fluid restriction any more?

It's early days yet but every day she makes a little more progress....and as for me and my missing mojo........hmmmm.


Penni said...

Hope you mum continues to recover well and you enjoy many more pots of tea together!!


Leah said...

Keeping everything crossed for your mum.

My cousin had a double lung transplant @ 18mths ago (he has CF) so I know exactly the emotions you were going through. xx