Tuesday, 30 December 2008

What a funny day!

I am tired, just drained from Christmas and the children constantly bickering. Amelia has been quite "challenging" shall we say! I am trying to fight off some bug that has been hovering around for weeks but not really materialising...leaving me feeling...well...just YUK! Emotionally and physically YUK!

Some very kind person sent me a Christmas card with a voucher in it so spend at Charmed Cards and Crafts so I dithered around yesterday and placed my order, spent my voucher...and ahem...a little bit more! What a lovely boost this morning when the postie knocked at my door with my goodies. What fantastic service-thank you so much!!!
Here is what I got:
Some K & Co

Some Imaginisce

and some All My Merories.

Oh my goodness - what to try first!!!! What a dilemma!

After opening my wonderful new stash, I had to leave it as we had booked tickets to the cinema. Amelia didn't really enjoy the film as much as she has done in the past and I couldn't really concentrate on the film as I was trying to keep Amelia quiet and happy. Came out and then the children started squabbling again as soon as we were in the car. By the time we got home I was feeling pretty fed up ! Walked into the hallway, postie had been again leaving me with two stamps from Toodles & Binks...whoo hoo...Thank you Kay!!

Chris was laughing, he stepped to oneside and sitting in the hall was a large box, a Dyson box, and stuck to the side was a verse!

To Adele & Chris

We're sorry this is late

For the sale we had to wait

You can now hoover through like a breeze

and stay up off your knees

lots of love Mum & Dad!


Well, what did I do....I cried!!

(Ages ago, when I was having a particually hectic week, Mum came over while I was at work, without me knowing and hoovered the front room for me. She commented that she couldn't get it to work very well and I explained the best way to get it to work was not to use it as an upright, but use the hose....I explained I got down on my hands and knees. Not good at all for my back or my knees especially now we have the extension- I simply cannot hoover through the whole house the same day!)

Chris and Jack have gone out again now, waiting patiently for them to come back so we can have a cuppa and a cuddle....pull myself together a bit...and then try out the new hoover!!

Sad life I lead!


Sarah said...

I hope you feel better soon!! What a lovely surprise to come home to and what a lovely lot of stash ;o)

Sarah said...

I have left you something on my blog :o)

artfulstampin said...

Aw, I so hear you girl! My children can drive me crazy too, and it just takes a R A K to start me crying lol! what are we like? Love those goodies! I'm trying to be sooo good at the moment! Enjoy!

Claire Mackaness said...

What lovely stash and how sweet of your Mum and Dad.

Louly said...

Not sad at all! A cuppa and a cuddle with someone you love at the end of the day is something many people would be envious of.
Your stash looks fantastic! Voucher in a card eh? Whoever could that have been from! LOL
I love the story about the Dyson, aren't parents fantastic!
I hope you feel better soon, it sounds like stress problems to me, try not to put too much pressure on yourself. All kids are like that, you're not doing anything wrong. xxxxx