Monday, 24 November 2008

Look who came to play!!!!

I was just on my way out on Saturday.....fighting with the children to get themselves ready actually....when there was a knock on my door. Opened it to find the lovely Kay standing there with the latest Toodles and Binks stamps!!! Oh no!!!! WHY, WHY, WHY did I organise to go out. What with that and my constant attmept at playing catch up I have hardly had time to play. I did manage to stamp a few images and start cutting last night......but I am at work this afternoon so time is rather precious!

Watch this space and hopefully they will be brought to life very soon. You can buy the stamps here.....can't wait to see them in use!


Galaxy Girl - my Stamp Galaxy Blog... said...

ahhh bless you..... and I felt so guilty you didn't get prestine ones, as I'd been made to give them away en route. Glad I had my trusty stamp folder with me. LOL!

Pink Feather Paradise said...

I like the ice skater with the cat, she is very cute

can't wait to see your new creations...