Monday, 8 September 2008

How clean is your.....

...craft room after you have been crafting?

That was the question the Maddy asked over on Crafts by Carolyns!
Well after 6 and a half weeks of having the children at home ANY crafting I have managed is a blessing but to actually tidy up as well that would have been a miracle. LOL. The children went back to school today but I start work this afternoon. I am only working part time and it not only fits in with the school holidays and hours, it is also VERY local, in fact only a few minutes walk from dropping off the children!

As soon as I have got us all into a routine again I promise I WILL tidy my little crafty space....notice I didn't even have workspace to put my sewing machine on yesterday when a bit of stitching took my fancy...I just rested it on the stool!

LOL...BUt my downstairs toilet is spotless as I have just cleaned and tidied that, including curtains and room down, but I am not counting how many more to go!


maddy hill said...

oh my ! tut tut heheee , its ALMOST as bad as mine

Crafty Wanderings said...

Looks just right to me!
Ruth xx

Joanne said...

Well I wish I had a room to be messy like this, I have to clean up after crafting and I call this a waste of crating time LOL.

Ana Baird said...

Mine looks the same whenever I'm crafting.

Becky said...

I like seeing other people's crafting space, it makes me realise I'm not the only messy crafter and... I show the pics to OH so he realises I really haven't got that much stash lol!!
Love Becky xx

Sam said...

LOL it makes me feel sooo much better seeing that I'm not the only messy crafter. I have a craft room which I have now outgrown and have taken over one of the worktops in the kitchen for my Cricut and accessories!!
Sam x